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Are you ready for a life-changing leadership experience?
Calling all high school and junior high students!

Are you a student in California interested in making a positive impact on your community? Do you enjoy collaborating with other students, providing your input on critical issues facing our state, making sure all students' voices are heard, and being part of a statewide political action committee initiative? Are you excited about developing important leadership skills alongside prominent community leaders? Click on the button below, or scroll for more information.

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Young Leaders Political Action Committee (YLPAC) is a 100% student-run bipartisan organization dedicated to ensuring that the voices of California's students are heard by elected officials and community leaders within the state's 482 cities. The PAC's administration strives in achieving three major goals:

  • Inform more students about the importance of local government and how community governance works, creating a new generation of more informed voters.

  • Encourage youth civic engagement, serving as a platform for students to get in touch with their elected officials and share with them their ideas for a more positive community.

  • Elect legislators in both local and statewide races who seek to advance the interests of California's students.

With these goals in mind, we are committed to ensuring a place for all students to learn, grow, and participate in a hands-on learning experience in the representation of their peers. In doing so, students who serve in the administration of the Young Leaders PAC develop important skills necessary in pursuing future careers in business management, government, politics, marketing, entertainment, and the law.

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(Partial Listing Only)


Members of the Board of Governors are elected officeholders charged with an opportunity that uniquely replicates that of serving in public office. Governors cast votes during the  regular Board of Governors meetings every last Friday of the month at the PAC's city hall office. Staying active in their communities, Governors present recognitions to community leaders, and maintain close communications with the peers they represent, and with elected officials around the state, bridging the gaps between the two. Effective governors must demonstrate consummate professionalism, communication, and responsiveness to the students they represent.


Cabinet Secretaries are appointed by the President of the Board of Governors to lead specific Departments within the organization. The committee currently has four permanent Departments outlined in the Charter - Management, Treasury, Legislative Affairs, and Communications. Each department typically has one "Senior" Secretary and one "Junior" Secretary. A more reasonable time commitment than the Governorship, the tasks of Cabinet officials vary depending on the department they lead, and may include writing press releases or making recommendations to the elected governing board.


Subcommittee Membership positions are appointed by the Members of the Board of Governors. These are short-term commitments designed to accomplish a certain goal. There are four standing subcommittees - Appropriations, Public Relations, Ethics, and Planning. Each offer a unique goal to work towards. Most subcommittees briefly convene weekly or bi-weekly via teleconference. Members are awarded recognitions at the end of their five-month terms.

Preliminary Eligibility Requirements:

  • I am under the age of nineteen and over the age of ten.

  • I have been a resident of the State of California for over 31 days.

  • I am willing to make a meaningful commitment to the positive representation of my peers in a statewide political action committee.

If all of the above apply to you, you are eligible to apply for a leadership position at the Young Leaders PAC.



Please contact the Chief of Staff, Sal Romero at or by calling our main headquarters 1(310)817-6679.

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