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Governor of the Young Leaders PAC
Proudly Representing California's Students since August 5, 2022

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Governor Brenden T. Estell is a passionate academic hailing from Orange County where he’s lived for 4 years following stints in Santa Barbara county and both rural and urban Illinois. From these differing experiences he’s gained valuable insight into the varying views and desires across the nation. Upon his move to the Golden State Estell had the opportunity to delve into its incredible environment and culture.


Inspired by a multitude of incredibly high achieving peers and colleagues, Estell is impassioned to cultivate the talents of young minds across California via policy reform beholden to the clutch of no political party or corporate interest. He has grown to appreciate the extensive opportunities present in California and wishes all students the opportunity to take advantage of this abundance. When not tending to constructive matters Estell is a sucker for beach volleyball and late night drives and won’t pass up an opportunity to disturb the peace and tranquility of his Dog.

A Message from Governor Estell

Thank you for visiting my YLPAC Site! Although the seat I was elected into only has a few months until the next term, this is only more motivation to see how much we can get done with the critical time left. The needs of California’s two million students are ever present as will be my commitment to representing each of my fellow students.


At your service,



Member of the Board of Governors

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