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The Assistant President
Proudly Representing California's Students since February 24, 2021

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Assistant President George Hasnah was born in Los Angeles, California, and currently attends Bishop Montgomery High School. He is an activist, writer, and researcher who advocates for students' voices. In 2021, George has founded a publication on Medium where he and his team hope to provide students with a platform to reach a broader audience. Outside of writing, George is involved in scientific research and has published several papers in the fields of marine biology, biochemistry, and animal physiology.

As the son of a Democrat and a Republican, George understands the need for compromise and practical solutions. In today's charged political climate, there is a need for respect and patience, which George believes can be achieved by introducing students to politics at a young age. 

Before assuming the role of Assistant President in March of 2022, George served as the Young Leaders PAC Secretary of Communications, and was later appointed to be the Special Representative for President Raphael F.L. Rebucas. He was elected Governor of the Young Leaders PAC from a crowded field of eleven in February 2021. Today, George endeavors to maintain a healthy political atmosphere within the organization and abroad. He is dedicated to serving California's youth and aspires to represent their interests fully.

A Message from Assistant President Hasnah


Thank you for visiting my official website. Here, we are continually posting updates with regards to the Young Leaders Political Action Committee. As a representative of California's youth, I want to be as accessible as possible to ensure that I can make decisions that will benefit you the most. 

I am excited to be serving you. As such, feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or concerns at any time. 

With regards,


Member of the Board of Governors