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Governor of the Young Leaders PAC
Third District
Proudly Representing California's Students since January 28, 2023

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Governor Maison D. Gamble was born in Santa Monica, California. Living in the South Bay, Maison has always had a strong passion for serving their community in a variety of ways. Through the many school clubs and committees such as Students for Sustainability, Pride Club, and National Honors Society, they understand that empathy, as well as hard work and dedication is needed to help develop our ever changing world. Through these opportunities, they have learned to build valuable relationships and connections. These connections have allowed them not only serve the local Southern California area, but also communities outside of the state. 


Over the summer of 2022, the Governor had the opportunity to take part in the Close Up for Deliberative Democracy, led by Stanford University, in Washington, D.C.  There, they put together a critical public policy proposal. They came together with fellow students from around the United States who also had a passion for making progressive change towards enacting policies regarding gun control. By the end of the week, they were able to present this policy directly to legislators on Capitol Hill. 


From this experience, the Governor knows that they will be able to become more open minded when it comes to decision making and will be able to use what they have learned to find compromise on policies that may be polarizing. Political activism has always been a great passion of Governor Gamble. When you're living in a world where hope seems lost, change needs to occur. Though the student voice may be small, they plan to be the beacon that is needed to allow students to feel safe in a trying world.

A Message from Governor Gamble

Welcome all!


Thank you for visiting my website. I believe that being a part of the Board of Governors has helped me become more open minded in the way in which we come together as a community to build relationships. 


Because of this understanding, I know that as governor, I lead on what is right, what is just, and what is best for all people. Every voice, no matter age, gender, or cultural background, cannot be left unheard. 


What passions do you have? What issues do you have that you see are not being met by local and statewide laws and legislation? Reach out to my team and I and we will fight to make your voice heard!


Though the student voice may be small, I will act as the beacon that is needed to allow students to feel safe and heard in a world of uncertainty.


To support this political action committee, please consider furthering the initiatives of YLPAC through a generous donation. This support will allow the acting Board of Governors, as well as myself, to further our committed form of action and expand the organization outwards. Through these donations, students will be able to have access to bipartisan information and future volunteer opportunities in their communities. 


I am proud to be the voice for the many students of California and the states beyond,


Governor, Third District

Welcome to the Third District Homepage

In the summer of 2022, the Board of Governors of the Young Leaders Political Action Committee announced it would begin choosing Members of the Board of Governors in by-district elections, with the President of the Board of Governors being elected at large. 

Governor Gamble proudly serves the approximately 850,000 high school and junior high school students in the communities of the third district. This district includes the entire county of Los Angeles only.

If you are a student residing or attending school in any of the following cities, please feel free to reach out to Governor Gamble using the button below.

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