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Assistant President Short and Governor Malo Successfully Pass New Endorsements

The committee successfully passed two new endorsements during the regular meeting on August 28th. The President of the Board of Governors, Raphael F.L. Rebucas, presented the Young Leaders PAC's official certificate of endorsement to Mr. Ron Riggs last weekend.

The August 28 regular meeting at the Young Leaders PAC Board of Governors was a momentous one, as the committee discussed new ideas for future events, and authorized one contribution to aid the victims of the tragedy in Beirut, Lebanon. The board also approved two endorsements. Ron Riggs, Businessman and Candidate for Torrance Unified School Board, was endorsed with Governor Silberman abstaining, while Suzette Martinez-Valladares, an educator running for California State Assembly District 38 was endorsed with Assistant President Short absent.

An endorsement for Jesse S. Gabriel was sponsored by Governor Devin Huynh as well, however after a contentious and heated debate regarding abortion, the Board was split 2-2 and Acting Assistant President Jacob D. Malo was forced to break the tie, effectively making the proposal void.

The Young Leaders PAC continues to work tirelessly to ensure that voters take into consideration the needs of high school and junior high school students across the state of California.

Photo Credit: Rebucas Solutions


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