Board of Governors accepting applications for Political Director

During the regular meeting of the Board of Governors that took place on March 26, 2022, the Board of Governors of the Young Leaders Political Action Committee decided to appoint a student to fill the Political Director's seat.

This decision follows months of heated debate surrounding whether or not the role of directing political operations shall be left to a student, or an adult community figure. Newly-elected Vice President George Hasnah (R-Los Angeles) reaffirmed the Board of Governors's commitment to student-run representation, by moving to begin accepting applications for a student director.

The agenda item to review all applications and determine an appointment is scheduled for Friday, May 13, 2022. The newly appointed political director will be the fourth ever in the organization's history, formally succeeding an elected school board member, who resigned in October last year.

Candidates will not be interviewed by the Board of Governors during the public regular meeting. Instead, all applicants will be given the option to send their contact information to the Board of Governors, their advisers, and staff, who may decide to contact individual applicants privately.

To apply, you must be between ten and nineteen years of age, and reside within the State of California for at least thirty (30) days upon submitting your paperwork.

Applications must be returned to the Chief of Staff no later than 5p.m. Pacific Time on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, via email.

The Office of the Political Director is responsible for the management of all committee activities, which includes strategic planning and advice to the Board of Governors on any political matters. They aid the President of the Board of Governors in overseeing student-run departments, and gathers input on current events from students around California to report.

You may access the job description and application below. For any questions, you may contact the "Inquiries" Department using the contact tab on the top right of this website.

_Application to Run for the Political Director Appointment
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Photo Credit: Gabriela Fischer

During the Board of Governors meeting, Deputy District Attorney Keith Koyano spoke to the Board of Governors regarding his philosophy as a prosecutor.