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Council of Advisors. Apply Here.

During the regular meeting of the Board of Governors on August 20, 2021, the Young Leaders Political Action Committee agreed to a Constitutional Amendment establishing a Council of Advisors composed of volunteer adult community leaders across California.

Applications are being accepted beginning Friday, September 24th, with an application deadline of October 24, 2021. Five seats will be up for appointment. Two seats will be for a year-long term, three seats will be for a six month term. The Council of Advisors will be entrusted to "guide, not override" the student Board of Governors at the Young Leaders PAC.

If you have any questions, be sure to contact us using the "Contact" tab on our website, or using the contact information provided in the attached flyer. We will return your questions as soon as possible.


About the role of an Advisory Council Member:

  • Convenes briefly no more than two times each month.

  • One Council Member will be elected Chair. Another will be elected Vice-Chair. The Chair will be expected to attend every meeting of the Board of Governors, usually on the last Friday of each month. If the Chair is unavailable, the Vice-Chair will take their place. If both are unavailable, the following line of succession would be based on seniority.

  • All Council Members are responsible for mentoring/guiding one Member of the Board of Governors, and the subcommittees they may be a member of (There are five subcommittees: Events, Membership, Ethics, Fundraising, and Constituent Relations).

  • All Council Members must be in constant communication with the Governor they advise

  • Light commitment level - two hours per week on average

  • All Council Members offer a patient attitude and meaningful advice/opportunities when communicating with the Governor they mentor (either over the phone or during meeting).

  • The terms are staggered. Terms for Council Member are six months long, without term limits. Two of the appointed Council Members will serve one-year inaugural terms.

In order to be appointed, candidates must be over the age of eighteen, have resided in the State of California for over one month, and willing to make a positive commitment to the development and representation of students around the state.

The Young Leaders PAC is the largest student-run political action committee in the United States. With respect, diligence, and love for community, we continue to proudly represent the interests of California's students.

About YLPAC Advisory Council
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The Chambers of the Board of Governors, Young Leaders PAC


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