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Kotero sworn-in as Governor

After a contentious special election to fill the vacant seat on the Board of Governors, Kaiana "Kaia" J. Kotero of Gardena was elected and sworn-in to the Office of Member of the Board of Governors.

Kotero, 16, received 65% of the vote on the August 3rd special election of the Young Leaders Political Action Committee, in a field of three candidates. June Cutter, the Elections Supervisor, certified the results on August 5.

The new Governor was given the official orientation and took her seat on the dais after having been sworn-in by former El Camino College Foundation President David M. Kartsonis. "I've taken [the oath] several times," Kartsonis said, "but that was the first time I've been able to administer the oath!"

Kotero, having campaigned as an independent candidate, is ferociously passionate about climate change, and comes from what she describes as a Christian household, enabling her to be a more neutral vote on the Board of Governors. Currently enrolled in the Torrance Unified School District, the district now has two of its students, the other of whom is the President, sitting on the dais.

Governor Kotero's new seat in the Chambers of the Board of Governors

Photo Courtesy: Young Leaders Political Action Committee


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