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Rebucas, Hall release statement in support of moving 2022 Winter Olympics out of Beijing.

President Raphael F.L. Rebucas (R-Torrance) and Governor Samantha M. Hall (NPP-Redondo Beach) delivered an open letter standing in solidarity with Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Michelle Steel's call for President Thomas Bach to move the 2022 Winter Olympics out of Beijing, China, for the Chinese Communist Party's human rights abuses targeting the Uyghur people.

You can read the statement here...

On March 17th, Congresswoman Michelle Park Steel, a representative of California’s 48th Congressional District co-authored a letter with Senator Ted Cruz from Texas urging the President of the International Olympic Committee to move the 2022 Olympics Games out of Beijing, People’s Republic of China. We wholeheartedly support the contents of this memorandum sent to President Thomas Bach. The Chinese Communist Party has engaged in indescribable human rights violations, most notably in the establishment of the Xinjiang Internment Camps, and the mistreatment of religious and cultural minorities. Moreover, Chinese Communists have worked tirelessly in silencing their opposition, and in the consistent persecution of pro-democracy Hong Kong leaders. In doing so, the Chinese Communist Party and Chairman Xi’s regime have done everything within their power to go against the fundamental principles of Olympism. They have therefore forfeited their privilege from hosting any Olympic games until the persecution of the Uyghur people, political opponents, Hong Kong democratic leaders, among others come to an end. We stand in accord with Senator Cruz and Representative Steel. We are determined to ensure the 2022 Olympic Games are moved out of Beijing.

The Young Leaders PAC remains committed to fighting injustices at home and abroad.

Photo Courtesy: Global Times

Preparations for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing are already underway.

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