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Rebucas presents Award on Benevolence to prominent Catholic religious leader

On June 5, the President of the Board of Governors presented the Young Leaders Political Action Committee Award on Benevolence to Reverend Tovia Lui, the Associate Pastor at St. John Baptist de la Salle Church in Granada Hills, California.

In his speech, which was given following the 5:00p.m. Saturday Vigil Mass at the parish, President Rebucas reiterated "It takes a person of true and immense character to foster the same love that Christ had for the children."

"This is all about religious freedom," President Rebucas articulated in an interview following the presentation of the award. "When we see Catholic statues being vandalized, churches being robbed, and judicial nominees being ruled 'unfit' because they just so happen to practice a certain religion, like - it's chaos out here in our state. And it would be against my moral values not to use my power to recognize religious leaders like Father Tovia in the United States today."

Father Tovia subsequently accepted the award, concluding the Mass ceremony with his famous phrase "God is good all the time, and all the time God is good."

The Reverend Tovia Lui is the inaugural recipient of the Award on Benevolence, a concept championed under the Assistant Presidency of Former Governor Alexandra Short. The President of the Board of Governors is expected to present two more recognitions before the end of the quarter in October.

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