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Three endorsements agreed to following the latest meeting of the Board of Governors

With no seats vacant on the Board of Governors, business began as usual at the Young Leaders Political Action Committee.

The Board of Governors passed three endorsements during the August 20th Regular Meeting. Two for the Torrance City Municipal elections taking place mid-2022. The Board of Governors and the Political Director were joined by two guests, Former Political Director Dr. Aura Imbarus and Financial Analyst Asam Sheikh, who took questions regarding his campaign for City Council.

The Board of Governors after interviewing Mr. Sheikh subsequently passed his endorsement with every Governor voting "Yes," except for Governor Kotero, who was absent. The Board of Governors also passed a unanimous endorsement for Councilman George Chen, running for Mayor of Torrance.

Finally, on a more hot-button topic, the Board of Governors deliberated the 2021 Special Gubernatorial Recall Election. President Rebucas went on record in support of the recall of the Governor saying "There is no such thing as voting 'No' in this election. You either vote Yes to removing this failed administration, or vote Yes to more homelessness, more teen suicides, rising unemployment, and a reduction in your freedoms."

The committee stands in solidarity with the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom, with the President, Assistant President, and Governor Hasnah voting in favor, Governor Hall choosing not to vote, and Governor Kotero absent. This vote made Governor Hall cast more abstention votes than every single Member of the Board of Governors combined, in the history of the Young Leaders PAC.

President Rebucas and Governor Hasnah present an endorsement to Councilman George Chen

Photo Credit: George Chen for Torrance City Mayor 2022


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