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Young Leaders coordinate team of student volunteers at the See Beyond the Hill Conference.

President Rebucas, having been tapped by former Political Director Aura Imbarus, Ph.D., made no hesitation in coordinating the student volunteer program at the first annual See Beyond the Hill Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California on September 18, 2021.

A group of eleven total volunteers with impressive community achievements were appointed by individual Governors to shadow government officials, and attend the life-changing See Beyond the Hill Conference promoted by the spirited duo - Dr. Aura Imbarus and Corry Matthews, M.S.

During the conference, the Board of Governors held an emergency public session to fill the Assistant President vacancy of Governor Pilar C. Dugard, who is slowly transitioning out of her post following her recent move to Hoosick, New York. Kaiana "Kaia" J. Kotero, the newest addition to the dais, was elected and installed as Dugard's successor.

The President represented the Young Leaders PAC during the Young Entrepreneurs Panel. Alongside him were young business leaders Arabella Passeri, Jenna Gaudet, Dhanu Prathap, Mercy Fabila, and Emma Ferreyra. The event was incredibly successful, and the Young Leaders PAC is eagerly looking forward to the next See Beyond the Hill conference.

Conference Photo (From left to right - Asst. President Kaia Kotero, Governor Samantha M. Hall, Brooke M. Goldman, Emma Ferreyra).

Photo Credit: See Beyond the Hill


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