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Young Leaders Stand in Solidarity with Drama Students

In a 4-0 vote on February 27, the Board of Governors decided to stand in solidarity with the Stand Up 4 Drama Kids movement, raising concern at the inequity of only allowing certain extracurricular activities to return to in-person learning.

The motion was sponsored by the President of the Board of Governors, a current student at West High School, where the initiative began, and seconded by Governor Pilar C. Dugard. The President suggested that such a memo be sent to all school districts in Southern California, before limiting his proposal to the Torrance Unified School District Board of Trustees and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors at the urging of Governor Hall.

This meeting of the Board of Governors was the first in which Governor George Hasnah took a seat on the dais. Previous to this meeting, the Board of Governors appointed a new Political Director in Matthew Brach, and a new Deputy Political Director in Isaac J.M. Kim, both of whom are still waiting to take their Oath of Office as of March 11.

Altogether, it remains imperative to stay involved in your communities. Be sure to contact your Governor when there's an issue of importance to you.

Copy of Letter: Photo Credit, Office of the Political Director


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