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The Political Director
Proudly Representing California's Students since July 3, 2022

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Lily Tun-Brown is the Political Director of the Young Leaders Political Action Committee (YLPAC). 


Lily never expected she’d be in politics. She had a shy personality at a young age and did not believe that public speaking could be a plausible opportunity. However, upon her entry to El Segundo High School’s business pathway program in 2019, she began to learn the value of communication skills in the real world.


Lily’s interest in entrepreneurship and finance inspired her to discover how politics impacts the society we live in. She aspires to take part in the business world as an adult, seeking to pave the way for greater female representation in the professional workplace. After discovering her passion for economics, Lily loves to interact with local community leaders and understand their perspective on relevant issues. 


In her current role at YLPAC, Lily aims to bridge a connection between California students and the Board of Governors, facilitating the political participation of young Americans. As the appointed Political Director, Lily takes charge by leading fundraising initiatives, creating agendas for the Board of Governors, and overseeing the PAC’s day-to-day operations.


As a senior in high school, Lily lives in Culver City with her parents and two dogs. She loves meeting pets while jogging around her neighborhood, and volunteered extensively at an animal shelter for three years. Lily also spends time with kindergarteners at her local elementary school during the week. 


Lily is diligent in enforcing policy and soliciting the opinions of students on behalf of the Board of Governors. She hopes that, by encouraging California’ students to engage with their political leaders, her generation will gain the skills they need to fight for nationwide change.

A Message from Director Tun-Brown

Hi all!

Thank you for being here! In my role as Political Director of the Young Leaders Political Action Committee, I hope to serve as a catalyst for change in my community. I believe that all of California’s students, regardless of age, should be able to make their voices heard.


If you’re new to politics just like I am, I urge you to search for current real-world causes that impact you and your community. By voicing your opinion, you gain the ability to influence legislation meaningfully for generations to come. The Young Leaders Political Action Committee would love to hear from you. 


For students and adults alike, please consider furthering the initiatives of YLPAC through a charitable donation. This will allow us to invest in outreach for underrepresented areas, support candidates who reflect students’ needs, and carry out our mission of serving the community.. 


I am honored to advocate for my peers in my role as Political Director. 


Best Wishes,

Director Lily Tun-Brown

Young Leaders Political Action Committee

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