The Young Leaders PAC is incredibly proud to have supported numerous candidates up for election in the 2018 and 2020 General Elections Cycle, and we intend to support their future campaigns. In order to be endorsed by the Young Leaders PAC, one sitting member of the Board of Governors must sponsor Articles of Endorsement for a candidate running for elected office in the State of California who embodies the guiding principles outlined in the Charter. The endorsement is ratified through a simple majority of "Aye" votes. 


So far, the Board of Governors has issued the following endorsements for the 2022 elections cycle. We encourage you to check back here regularly as new endorsements are to be posted.

When new endorsements are posted, click on the candidate's photos to be redirected to their official campaign website.


Each Member of the Board of Governors is given the opportunity to present the Young Leaders Political Action Committee Award on Benevolence to any California resident, organization, business, or group of individuals who have made an especially significant meritorious contribution to the safety, security, education, and/or well-being of California's youth.

Distribution of this award typically does not require a vote from the Board of Governors. Rather, the service recognition is only used for individual Members of the Board of Governors to recognize the societal contributions of those who they deem to have made a monumental achievement for students in this state.

So far, in the 2021-2022 Term of Office, no YLPAC Awards on Benevolence have been presented by any Member of the Board of Governors. We encourage you to check back here regularly as new award recipients are to be posted.