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The President of the Board of Governors

Proudly Representing California's Students since May 25, 2018

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Raphael F. L. Rebucas is the elected President of the Board of Governors of the Young Leaders Political Action Committee (YLPAC).

Rebucas's rise to service in the political sector was not a typical one. Having been born to an immigrant family without connections to those in power, his first memories in political spheres include assembling lawn signs for local ballot initiatives, and singing the national anthem at campaign fundraisers.


In his current role at YLPAC, Rebucas continues fighting for long term change in our communities. During his administration, Rebucas answered well over five thousand phone calls for California families in need of food benefits, unemployment assistance, and resources for wildfire relief. His steadfast decision-making delivered results amidst global pandemic for students, and his ongoing leadership at the committee reflects his longstanding passion to uplift our youth to success, improve the quality of education in our public schools, and protect the dignity of women, children, senior citizens, veterans, and victims of domestic violence. Previous to being sworn-in as President of the Board of Governors, Rebucas served with distinction as YLPAC's first Political Director. He gained insight on the differences between politics and government as a campaign associate for various local campaigns, and leading student volunteer recruitment efforts for a state senator's office in Orange County. In June 2022, Rebucas was sent to the California State University at Sacramento as a delegate to the 84th American Legion California Boys State Program, during which he was elected Senator, and earned the trust of his Senate colleagues to rise to the Office of Senate Minority Leader. Legislating from the minority, Senate Minority Leader Rebucas delivered for his constituents, championing taxpayers' issues and leading the charge against wasteful spending projects.


Rebucas’s involvement is not limited to that of supporting civic engagement. He currently serves as the Co-Chairman of West High School’s representatives to the Torrance Unified School District’s Superintendent’s Advisory Group. A vocal supporter of the need to improve financial literacy initiatives, Rebucas is well into his second term as the President of his school's Future Business Leaders of America chapter. In October 2022, the Torrance Chief of Police appointed President Rebucas as a Member of the Chief's Civilian Advisory Board, where Rebucas works with key community stakeholders in bridging gaps with the Department, and fostering a vision for policing in the twenty-first century.

Commonly referred to as “Raphi” by those who know him, Rebucas leads with the conviction that a life so blessed should be rooted in service toward other people. He remains committed to using his business and public policy experience as a force for good, advocating for several initiatives that boost public safety and modernize California's classrooms. A senior in high school, Rebucas lives in Torrance with his mother and father.

A Message from President Rebucas


Thank you for visiting my website. To me, being President of the Board of Governors means being a voice for the voiceless, standing up for all California's students, and making a meaningful effort for our generation in this state to be informed and excited to take part in the political process. I know that between school and sports, clubs and chores, homework and home life, you work hard. You deserve a President who works as hard as you do.

Representing California's over three million students is an honor of highest importance to me. I invite you to send me a message and share the issues you're most passionate about. I make better decisions on the Board of Governors when I am informed of what is most important to you. My team and I will not stop fighting for what is right in our state today.

If you're a parent, teacher, coach or mentor to a student, consider becoming a Presidential Youth Motivator. Your donation and support to this committee allows the Board of Governors and myself to carry on our mission and continue to expand our organization, allowing more students to have access to bipartisan information and volunteer opportunities in their communities

Once again, it is not only my pleasure, but a privilege to be your President. This is my promise to you - I won't let you down.

Yours always,


President of the Board of Governors

The President's Staff

I am very fortunate to have a team of dedicated, knowledgeable young leaders on my team to help me in my service to California's diverse student body. Meet my team and take a scroll through their Q&A slides below.

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