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Assistant President Silberman rescinds original endorsement of Jackie Lacey for District Attorney

In a 4-0 vote on July 24, 2020, the Board of Governors concurred with the Assistant President's recommendation to rescind the committee's previous endorsement for Jackie Lacey's re-election campaign.

Earlier this week, Assistant President Sage Silberman issued a statement to the Committee to Re-Elect Jackie Lacey for District Attorney 2020, making both the District Attorney's campaign and the public aware of the Young Leaders PAC's endorsement withdrawal.

Read the Official Letter Here:

Endorsement Withdrawal of Jackie Lacey
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When asked to comment, the Assistant President said

"The youth of America will not accept Jackie Lacey's refusal to prosecute police officers who recklessly kill the innocent. As someone who is supposed to represent the people, she needs to do better and we will hold her accountable for her actions."

The Young Leaders Political Action Committee Board of Governors continues to lead the fight in making sure that the two million Californian students are represented appropriately in our nation's republic.

Pictured -- Los Angeles County District Attorney Jacquelyn Lacey

Photo Credit: Jackie Lacey for DA


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