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Board of Governors Begins In-Person Meetings

After nearly a year of virtual meetings, the Board of Governors finally met in-person inside the Chambers of the Board of Governors on April 9, following the requests of Assistant President Devin Huynh and Governor Pilar C. Dugard.

The President of the Board of Governors noted, "transacting business face-to-face allows for more effective and responsive support for the two million students we took an oath to represent."

The meeting was productive. The Board of Governors authorized hundreds of dollars to support local teachers. They also confirmed two presidential nominations in June Yang Cutter and Rebecca Wu. Most notably, Governor Dugard passed the first endorsement for the 2022 elections cycle, unanimously, in Jocelyn S. Lomahan. Governor Dugard was also successful in passing her recommendations for the Board of Governors to create a subcommittee to address the Resolution of Apology for the Bruce Family, in Manhattan Beach.

The President's Chief of Staff, Sal Romero, hinted at the bipartisanship of the new Board of Governors saying, "We've had previous Governors vote no on blue things simply because they were Republican and vice-versa. The fact that this Board of Governors vowed to address a liberal-leaning cause in the Bruce's Beach scandal, and pass a conservative endorsement in Mrs. Lomahan both unanimously, shows that this year, our Governors are willing to listen without sacrificing their core values at heart."

With the end of the quarter coming up, there appears to be a lot of work that needs to be done. The Young Leaders PAC and its officeholders remain committed to informing students, encouraging community volunteerism, and electing candidates like Mrs. Lomahan, who seek to uplift student voices across the state.

Photo Courtesy: Young Leaders Political Action Committee

Governor Dugard and Governor Hall take their seats at the dais for the first time ever in-person, as they wait for the meeting to be called to order.


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