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Governor Short Raises Concerns with City Budget Cuts on Policing

Governor Short independently authored a letter to officials in the City of Los Angeles, condemning the proposal to slash the budget for policing in the upcoming fiscal year.

On June 4, 2020, Governor Alexandra E. Short authored a letter to the Offices of The Honorable Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, and the Honorable Nury Martinez, City Council President. In the statement, she spoke strongly against the defunding of the police in Los Angeles, saying that she was "struck with concern" and that defunding the police will "set us back, and not push us forward." The Governor cited police lay offs, an inevitable increase in homicides, and limits on necessary supplies as reasons against the budget proposal.

While the Office of Governor Short has yet to receive a response from Council President Martinez, on July 2nd, the Governor received a response from the Mayor's office -- addressing the Mayor's priority in "a budget that serves all Angelenos," along with "efforts in police reform" and "investing in our communities."

Governor Alexandra E. Short, who had been appointed to serve on the Young Leaders PAC Board of Governors by President Raphael F.L. Rebucas on May 18, 2020, is grateful for the Mayor's response to her concerns. However, Governor Short believes that young Americans are deserving of more than empty words. Young Americans need reassurance of their safety in the City of Los Angeles. In response to the Mayor, the Governor replied "If the safety of our communities was truly a priority, police officers would not be laid off right now. I hope that one day we can all work together, with law enforcement, to keep our communities safer. Black lives do matter, and the defunding of the police only contradicts that."

(Photo Credits: Los Angles Daily News)


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