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Interim Assistant President Short Aids the Passage of Two Key Endorsements

As Interim Assistant President, Governor Alexandra E. Short was instrumental in the passage of two key endorsements during the previous Board of Governors hearing.

Effective July 7, Governor Sage Silberman assumed the role of Assistant President of the Young Leaders Political Action Committee Board of Governors. The following day, a special hearing was conducted, and in her absence, Assistant President Silberman designated Governor Alexandra E. Short to serve as Interim Assistant President.

During the July 8 hearing, the Young Leaders PAC Board of Governors interviewed Candidate for State Assembly Christopher Raahauge. Following the interview, the Board unanimously voted to move the endorsement consideration to a later meeting. Also on the July 8 hearing, President Raphael F.L. Rebucas sponsored an endorsement for Supervisor Michelle Steel, running for United States Congress which carried in a 3-0 vote, and Interim Assistant President Short sponsored an endorsement for Mr. Charles W. Cole, pictured, running for California Assembly. The endorsement of Mr. Cole also carried in a 3-0 vote.

The Board of Governors is working exceptionally hard given the upcoming FPPC filing deadline at the end of this month.

Photo Credits: Cole for Assembly


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