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President Rebucas Delivers Endorsement for Senator Moorlach

The President of the Young Leaders Political Action Committee, Raphael F.L. Rebucas was pleased to present the Young Leaders PAC's endorsement for Senator John M.W. Moorlach at the Moorlach for Senate Campaign Headquarters in Newport Beach, California.

The certificate was accepted on June 29th by Senator Moorlach's nephew on the Senator's behalf. The endorsement of the Senator passed unanimously by the Board of Governors at the adjourned June monthly session. The President called the passage of John M.W. Moorlach's endorsement a "huge win for American youth." Moorlach is seeking re-election in California's 37th Senate District, after proving time and time again, that he delivers forthright and effective leadership.

Two other endorsements were passed on the June meeting. District Attorney Jackie Lacey, running for re-election was also endorsed in a 4-0 vote in a motion sponsored by Governor Sage Silberman. Councilwoman Jessica Martinez, running for the State Assembly was also endorsed, after a contentious debate on the floor. Her endorsement, sponsored by Governor Devin Huynh, passed by a margin of 3-2.

The Young Leaders PAC continues the search for qualified candidates that best represent youth interests.

Photo Credit: John Freeman

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