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Rebucas, Huynh pass successful endorsements on the first regular meeting of the new term.

President Raphael F.L. Rebucas (R-Torrance) and Governor Devin Huynh (D-Wilmington) both colleagues on the Board of Governors, passed successful endorsements for John M.W. Moorlach, running for county supervisor; and Harden Sooper, running for city attorney.

Following the two endorsement hearings, the Board of Governors elected Devin Huynh as the Assistant President to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Assistant President Jacob D. Malo, in a narrow 2-1 vote over Pilar C. Dugard, who was absent at the meeting.

The President presented the committee's certificate of endorsement for Senator Moorlach, candidate for Orange County Supervisor in the special election to fill the seat vacated by Representative Michelle Park Steel. The Senator accepted the endorsement gracefully in his Newport Beach office.

See the official photo the President of the Board of Governors took with Senator Moorlach as he accepted the endorsement from California's students here.


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