The Young Leaders PAC is a political organization established on July 1, 2018. Political Action Committees (PACs) raise money for candidates running for office, influence legislation, and inform voters regarding important issues. The Young Leaders PAC is a bipartisan organization that celebrates diversity of political opinion in teenagers across the state.

The PAC is a student run organization with all five members of the Board of Governors being high school students ages fourteen through seventeen.

Aside from their traditional responsibilities, the Board of Governors also prioritize individually writing and communicating with legislators on the issues they are most passionate about.


We believe that with advancements in technology and a large amount of exposure in the field of current events, adolescents are developing better leadership and critical thinking skills. It is time that the United States recognizes this enormous shift, and proposes legislation that further engages our nation's youth in our local and federal governments.

If elected officials do not begin to change their ways right now, the catastrophes facing our country's politicians will only be transferred onto the backs of future leaders. It is time that we restore government integrity and reunite America - establishing a generation where we tolerate each other's differences, debate our disagreements accordingly, and enforce the necessary needs of our society's members.

  • Promoting the Sanctity of Life

  • Stabilizing the American Economy

  • Protecting Human Rights

  • Maintaining Fiscal Accountability 

  • Tackling Climate Change

  • Restoring Homeland Security

  • Addressing Voter Fraud at the Ballot Box

  • Enabling Youth Participation in the American Republic

  • Putting the American People over Party Preference

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